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for Erasmus & International students


For all Erasmus & International students: if you would like to book our trips with special discounts, this’s the card which you are looking for!

on all our trips you can find 2 prices: normal one & BCN TRIPS STUDENTFY one.

the discount depends on the trip, but you can save around 50€ per month.

also you will get access to our secret offers & discounts.

on other hand, BCN TRIPS STUDENTFY CARD allows you to get a lot of discounts & offers with our partners. from bars, clubs, restaurants, lawyers, services, accommodations..etc

the price of BCN TRIPS STUDENTFY CARD is 15€, valid for 12 months.

after you book your card, a private account will be created at our website using your details.

and DONE! the discounts will apply automatically while you are booking.


for other discounts on bars, restaurants, clubs: you can come to our office to pick up your card, and also we can give it during our trips.

Discounts on trips

Special discounts on our trips!

book your trips with  up to 50% discounts.

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