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BARCELONA TRIPS is one of the most famous agencies focusing on the life of international students who comes to Barcelona to live a new experience in this amazing city during their study.
And more than 6,000 students join us each semester in all our activities.

One of the most important things in BARCELONA TRIPS is to be close to our students and contacts, helping them in anything that they need during their stay in this amazing city.

BARCELONA TRIPS is a project started 10 years ago in this amazing city.

Our goal is to help you as much as possible during your staying in Barcelona.

As you are new in this city, we will help you from the first day until you leave us with a lot of good memories about your amazing staying in Barcelona.

BARCELONA TRIPS will help you to find flats or rooms in the best places in Barcelona with best prices, and we will help you to get spanish SIM card in easiest way.

After you get your rooms, it’s the time to make friends with more than 5,000 students come to Barcelona in Erasmus program over whole the world.

BARCELONA TRIPS organizes Erasmus meetings each semester trying to help you making friends with a lot of fun & good time.

And definitely we will enjoy the nightlife of Barcelona together with different types of parties like  Foam party, Pool party, beach party..etc

Free Entrance! to best clubs in Barcelona with a lot of offers & discounts.

And during your staying in Barcelona, we will let you discover all other cities & enjoy  the most famous festivals in our BARCELONA TRIPS program.

BARCELONA TRIPS will take you in all the directions…. visit Madrid, Valencia, Andalucia, Ibiza, Zaragoza, Pamplona, Girona…… and even will cross the borders to Andorra, France  & Morocco…

Go & Discover

Amazing Tours

Come with us and discover the most amazing breathtaking places in Spain and its surroundings.

BARCELONA TRIPS will help you to improve your Spanish language or any language you need during the “Language Exchange meetings” which will take place every week with a lot of surprises, gifts & fun guaranteed!


Our program still full of other activities to let you enjoy your time to the max like Free museums tour, flamenco nights, boat party, beach party and more & more…


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