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One of the best experiences of your life

Morocco: 5 days / 4 nights

Morocco: 5 days / 4 nights

€160 / per person
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One of the best experiences of your life! the most complete trip to Morocco!
We visit Marrakech, the High Atlas mountains, camel route through the desert of great dunes, and spend a night under a sky full of stars.
It’s Morocco: one of the most amazing countries in the world.

We already have many dates available and you can go with any group! Book your flights and our guides are there to tell you “HALA in Morocco”

PRICE: 160€ per person (155€ with BCN TRIPS CARD) get info. about our card here



✔ one night in Marrakech with breakfast at hotel 3*** at the center of Marrakech, rooms for 2/3/4 persons.
✔ one night at one Riad “arabic house” at Marrakech with breakfast.
✔ one night in the desert (breakfast and dinner included): tents for 2/3/4 persons in camping with electricity and bathrooms.
✔ one night in “las gargantas del dades” (breakfast and dinner included): rooms 2/3/4 persons.
✔ 2 camels tours for around 1-2 hours, with stops to take photos and enjoy the desert.
✔ activities at our camping: party with DJ, Sandboarding, tattoo henna.
✔ tour in Marrakech for 2 hours with official guide.
✔ entrance to city of cinema “Ait Ben Haddou” with tour guide.
✔ discounts at the resturantes.
✔ transportation to & from Marrakech airport.
✔ Private 4×4 cars or mini bus with air-condition during whole the trip.
✔ guides speaking English and Spanish, will stay with you all the time.
✔ our special souviner from the desert.
✔ Other activities including: visit of kasbah, walking tours, surprises…



  • flights from/to Marrakech.


Payment for this trip is in 2 parts:
– Now 30€ to reserve the places and send the invitacion letter in case you need a visa.
– and the rest, 130€, the first day in Marrakech to our guide.

for individual reservation (only one person): there is an extra payment of 60€. like:
If you go alone, the price is 220€.
and if 2 people or more, the price is 160€ per person. And you can pay separately.

MARCH 2020

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MAY 2020

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DAY 1, Marrakech day

our guide will be waiting you at the airport of Marrakech, and pick you up to our hotel 3*** in the center of Marrakech.

then you will have your free time there and our guides will help you about anything you need.

DAY 2, Marrakech - Ait Benhaddou - las dades

after our breakfast, we will start travelling towards the Atlas mountains before reaching our first site, Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

entrance to the city of cinema “Ait Ben Haddou” with tour guide.

This Kasbah is perhaps the most impressive and well-preserved fortress cities in Morocco, which the Moroccan Government itself jumped on the bandwagon in 1994 to rehabilitate the Kasbah in order to preserve the cultural and national heritage.

The Kasbahs were a major stop for camel caravans carrying salt through the Sahara and returning with gold, silver and slaves.

We continue along the route, arriving at Ouarzazate, the gateway to the Saharan desert, the Moroccan city known for Hollywood movies being located and filmed here.

Top Hollywood blockbusters which have been filmed in Ouarzazate include movie titles such as The Gladiator, The Mummy, Kingdom of Heaven, Prince of Persia and Lawrence of Arabia.

We continue to make our way, to “las gargantas del dades” where we will have our first night there.

then you will have your free time there and our guides will help you about anything you need.

DAY 3, Merzouga desert

After breakfast, we will head to the desert through one of the most spectacular places in Morocco: the Todra Gorge, an amazing place to walk and explore.

The trip continues to Merzouga where the camel ride began, each person will have a camel and the tour for around 1/2 hours till we reach to our Berber desert camping where we will spend our night there.

it’s our private VIP camping which other groups can’t enter to it: beds, party with DJ, Sandboarding, henna for girls…etc! without paying any extra.

with some stops to enjoy the dunes and the sunset. and by night we have party there with traditional music for the people who live there

DAY 4, Merzouga - Ouarzazate - Marrakech

After a traditional Berber breakfast, we will have a 1-2 hour camel ride at sunrise to explore the sand dunes further. We then make our return journey to Marrakech, stopping off at many highlights along the way.

Our journey takes us over the High Atlas mountains where you will enjoy the magnificent views of the surrounding country and to see the local communities who live in these mountains.

We return to Marrakech and drop you off at your Hotel, Riad “an arabic house”, which is at the center on Marrakech and let you get your room

DAY 5, last day in Marrakech

after the breakfast, we start our tour in Marrakech with an official guide. short visit to Jemaa el Fna square to enjoy the brilliant Strong Moroccan culture, taste of local Food, and watching the story tellers, snakes charming and musicians.

Start your exploration of Marrakech ” the red city of Morocco” with your guide who will ensure that you see the most important places of historical and cultural interest, including the Saadien tombs; the Palaces of El Bahia and El Badi; and the Ben Youssef Coranique school.

 we will do the check out and pick you up to the airport of Marrakech to get your flight and leave us with a lot of good memories from this amazing adventure….

 we will do the check out and pick you up to the airport of Marrakech to get your flight and leave us with a lot of good memories from


For EU citizens: There is no visa required to enter Morocco. 

For NON EU citizens, you can go to the consulate of Morocco here in Barcelona to get the Visa, the documents to get the Visa are:

– 2 photos.

– photocopy of your passport + photocopy of your Spanish NIE if you have it.

– movements for the last 3 months of your bank account.

– invitation & reservation from Marrakech (you can come to our office and get this document).

Address of consulate of Morocco: C/diputacio 68-70, metro Rocafort L1

Timetable: Tuedays & Thursdays: between 08:30 & 13:00.


Even you are EU or non EU citizens, you have to bring your passport !!!!!! the DNI is not enough !!!

If you still don’t have a passport, contact your embassy here & ask how you can get it.

You can book flights with any company, and our guide will be waiting at the airport of Marrakech at the time of your arrival.

You can book flights with us HERE


  • Arrival time the first day:
    The first day we have no activities, we do the airport transportation, and check-in at the hotel.
    The departure with the rest of the group to start the tour on our bus is the day n.2 at 8:00 am.
    Then there is totally no problem about any arrival time!


  • Departure time on the last day:
    On day n.5 we have a tour in the center of Marrakech from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. so we recommend the departure in the afternoon from 2:00 p.m.But in case there are no flights, or there is cheaper morning flight, totally no problem! We make the transportation to the airport at the time of your flight.


  • extra nights:

We have the option of extra nights in Marrakech. with the price of 20€ per person per night included:
Hotel with breakfast and transportation to the airport.

5 days / 4 nights

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