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Game Of thrones...

San Sebastian + Dragonstone

San Sebastian + Dragonstone

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Saturday(22 Aug. 2020)

COVID-19 measures taken
(Cancellation by Covid-19: you will have a full refund if restrictions or travel ban apply, so you can book now without risk)
Departure Friday at 23:00 from Plaza Espanya between the 2 towers and return Sunday around 02:30. (night Saturday/Sunday)

The Basque Country (Spanish: Pais Vasco) is a region at the north of Spain, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and France… The home of among the world’s finest food, beaches in natural settings….

we will visit the most important cities in the north of Spain:

  • San Sebastian: boasts one of the best city beaches in Europe… it’s must to visit it in Basque Country.
  • Gaztelugatxe: one of the most impressive places in the Basque Country. thanks in large part to Game of Thrones.

PRICE: 67€ per person. (65€ por la App, coupon: app2020)



  • Private bus.
  • Guide from Barcelona Trips to stay with you during the trip.
  • Maps.



  • Food / Drinks.
  • Accommodations. (it’s a day trip, we spend the night inside the bus)

San Sebastian, 22 Agosto 2020


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22 Aug. 2020

Friday(21 Aug.)

  • 23:00: Departure from Plaza Espanya between the 2 towers. (Friday night)
It takes around 7 hours to arrive! We make some stops!

Saturday(22 Aug.)

  • 06:30: Arrive to Gaztelugatxe. (Dragonstone)
  • 06:30 till 10:00: enjoy the place! It's the Dragonstone from Game Of Thrones.

Use the stairs, reach the top of the island with our guide giving you all details.

  • 10:00: bus move to San Sebastian
  • 11:30 till 20:30: free time to enjoy San Sebastian & the beach.
  • 20:30: bus move from San Sebastian.
  • 02:30: arrive in Barcelona. (night Saturday/Sunday, we make 2 stops: plaza espanya & plaza catalunya.)

History of the City

  • Basque Country is an autonomous community in northern Spain. It includes the Basque provinces of Álava, Biscay, and Gipuzkoa. The Basque Country is a region in northern Spain, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and France, home of the best food in the world and natural beaches.
  • Gaztelugatxe is one of the most impressive places in the Basque Country, thanks in part to Game of Thrones. Gaztelugatxe is an islet on the coast of Biscay belonging to the municipality of Bermeo, Basque Country (Spain). It is connected to the mainland by a man-made bridge. On top of the island stands a hermitage dedicated to John the Baptist, that dates from the 10th century, although discoveries indicate that the date might be the 9th century.
  • San Sebastián shows a dynamic cultural scene, where grass-roots initiative based on different parts of the city and the concerted private and public synergy have paved the ground for a rich range of possibilities and events catering to the tastes of a wide and selected public alike. The city was selected as European Capital of Culture for 2016 (shared with Wrocław, Poland) with a basic motto, "Waves of people's energy", summarizing a clear message: people and movements of citizens are the real driving force behind transformations and changes in the world.

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